What are the benefits of business coaching, can’t I just do it myself?

You can do anything on your own, having a coach to learn from with a different perspective from you can accelerate your results.  There are many benefits to working with a coach, but I best like to explain it by showing you a visual diagram and in the audio below I share with you 8 simple truths to improve your career and your life.

coaching quadrant-diagram

Here is a simple quadrant to show you where you may have a “blind spot” and where coaching may help.  Don’t think you need Life Coaching?  Here are a few areas to consider when looking into professional coaching to improve your personal and professional life.

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The Coaching Quadrant

The upper left quadrant is what you know about yourself and what others don’t know about you, this is your most personal and private traits.

The lower left is what is obvious to others, that you don’t know about yourself…this is where you can ask for advice with people you trust who won’t put you down and you can ask for advice on how you can improve.  If you are not actively seeking to improve yourself the you won’t want to put any attention here because it will be too uncomfortable, and this is an area that helps you grow the most.

The upper right is what you know about yourself that others can see also, usually physical traits and who you are.

The lower right is what others don’t know about you, and what you don’t know about yourself.  This is your untapped potential, it can only be uncovered by taking initiative to grow personally, along with getting coaching on what you can improve from the lower left quadrant, which could be referred to as your “blind spot” where you won’t know you have to improve unless someone tells you without being critical.

My Wake-up Call

When I was in the Navy and only about 19 years old, still finding myself I had a guy in a shop tell me something that was a rude awakening.  Sometimes this advice is given to you in private, and sometimes not.  There was maybe only one or two other people in the room at the time, and I was making some excuse as to why I couldn’t do something, he lost his patience and said, “Stop it with the excuses already! You are always making an excuse that you can’t do something, just take responsibility and do it!”.

Difficult always comes before Easy.

Even though it was a little embarrassing  it was a great growth experience for me because that was a turning point in my life where I started to take responsibility for my own actions.  Find a safe community where you can bounce off ideas from others and find people you can ask for advice on where you may have a blind-spot.

Here is an audio where I explain the coaching quadrant and give you 8 simple truths to improve your career and life. Enjoy.

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Question: Have you had  someone has giving you some advice that was difficult to hear at first, but helped you to grow?