Does this contradict what you’ve been hearing?  Is this what you tell yourself?  It should be, here’s why…

How to market your business during the Summer.

It’s starts with your Attitude.

If you are telling yourself that business is slow during the Summer time, you’re right.  If you are telling yourself that people are busy and don’t want to meet with you because they are on vacation you are right.  These are all excuses that we tell ourselves.  I used to tell myself these things all the time as a way to delay what I was afraid to do.  It’s easier this way, isn’t it?

Actually you are only slowing yourself down.

pacific morning
Creative Commons License paul bica via Compfight

You can’t control the weather, other people, your kids, your spouse, your family or a long list of other things.  You can only control two things.

Your Actions.

Your Attitude.

God gives us at birth a few natural gifts and one of those thankfully is the ability of Choice.  Your thoughts will control your attitude and your attitude many times controls your actions.

Now you can see it’s up to YOU how you market and grow during the Summer

Ask yourself, is everyone really on Summer vacation?

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