Do affirmations really work?

Remember the secret movie, it informed us of the secret of affirmations; if we just said our goals as if we already had them it would put vibrations out into the universe that would attract what we want to us.  How did that work out for you?

Was all that law of attraction
stuff bullcrap?

It’s not bullcrap…..just not the whole story.

Have you ever had something on your to do list for weeks, months or years…something you know you need to do but you just can’t seem to make progress toward it.  I’m going to give ou some ides on how you can break it down to simple bite size pieces that you can accomplish anything.  It not only take doing the affirmations, but daily action too.

Think of any goal you want to accomplish of point A to point B.  I was coaching someone on what they wanted to accomplish in the next 12 months and I shared this story.  Think of goals like driving a car from point A to point B.  If you are driving on a dark road, wih no street lights and no reflectors…going down a road you are not familiar with you may hit an unexpected sharp turn.

Headlights allow you to see far enough into your destination to see if the road goes right or left.  If you turn off your lights, it totally dark and you will swerve off the road and may end up in a ditch.  Your path to where you want to go, point B with never to a straight line, especially if it’s something substantial.  The headlight represent a 90 game plan for your goal, it can shine light on what it may look like, but you will need to keep adjusting your plan to steer toward your end goal.  I hope you read that clearly and understand it because that took me years to understand, and it may be keeping you from giving yourself one more chance…

Keep looking forward, literally

You can’t drive down the road and stare into a rear view mirror, keep looking behind you then you will dive off the road.

You have to keep your eyes on the road.

 Also, even if you keep on the road, we can deal with distractions and emotional ups and downs and I think of that as a big bug that splats on the windshield, or a rock flys out from another car and cracks your windshield.  Have you ever taken your focus to the crack and realized you are not looking at the road.  Hopefully you didn’t do that while texting and eating a sandwich at the same time…you might find yourself in a ditch very soon!what affirmations are to me is keeping your eye down the road, to keep your eye on so you are focused down the road to your goal, not focused on daily distractions.


This can be applied to almost every area of your life, and I believe everything connects.  Especially relationships, if you improve your relationships; personal and business, gain greater discipline and never stop learning new things you can improve any area of your life.

Remember in Dumb and Dumber when they we day dreaming and falling asleep at the wheel and took a wrong turn going to Aspen….don’t beat yourself up for thinking you looked dumb last time you tried to reach your goal.

Start over and keep looking forward.


Faith without action is dead -The Good Book


Write down what you want

Write affirmations as if you already have it; in any area of life you’d like to improve.  you write that down and read it every night and every morning, get as specific as you can.  You are not reading these to have something magically happen, you are doing this to keep you on the path and you will find things along the way that will guide you and get you there faster.  You can’t keep reading about where you are going down the road and drive off in the wrong direction…but if you are driving across the country and don’t know the directions if you stop looking at the map a connecting highways, you may end up driving in the wrong direction.

Getting it done

I think almost anything you want to accomplish can be broken down into 3 steps, when I’m coaching people on how to make money online we have 3 basic steps anyone can do to generate income online.  It’s easy to remember and also easy to track and troubleshoot if someone is not getting the results expected.

If you are trying to lose weight it might be:
1. Eat as much fresh/raw foods daily 2. Sweat daily 3. Drink plenty of water

If you are trying to develop a better relationships and friends it might be:
1. Call one friend per day to see how they are doing 2. Listen and ask questions 3. Offer any way you can support them

Find out the 3 most import parts of what you want to accomplish, that if you did those 3 things you would get your goal, this way every day you can ask yourself did I do each of these 3 things.

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