Getting Clients At The Drive-In Theater

If you think you know everything about your target audience and you are acting as a megaphone with an interruption of everyone in your path, you may want to re-think how you get your message into the marketplace and who you can partner with.

Today, I would like to share with you something I learned about Google.  They get lots of feedback of how people search and what people search for online, even where those people are.  Many of the searches on Google are local, so people search for things in their area.

Google was finding a large surge of people searching for Drive-In movie theatres and getting very few results.  There used to be thousands of Drive-In movie theaters all across the USA, now according to a recent study there are only about 360.

Well, in order to have a strong economy and business being done you need a product or service that people want and a scarcity of that product people want to buy….this way people are consistently “hungry” for what you offer.

Imagine a tiny island with a community of people with very simple needs and an abundant of stuff….they don’t have a desire for much, agreed?

Anyway, back to Google; this creates an opportunity for Google and Drive-In movies.  Google contacts the drive-in folks and tells them thousands of people in the local area “desperately” want to find a drive-in in your area, you could build one here and you’d fill it quickly because we know they are already searching for it and we’ll make sure they find you when they search for “drive-in” in your local area.  What a beautiful partnership.

Google featured the 76th year anniversary of the Drive-In movie June 6th, 2012 remember this google logo?

Do you think drive-in movie theater owners, everyone who has family who owns a drive-in and suppliers to them where sharing that google home page news with everyone they knew…you know they were.  Google puts that up there not as an advertisement, but as something interesting.  We didn’t see it as a new ad on Google did we?

What does that have to do with you?  Any other service providers that have to do with families, car sales, auto parts, recreation, parks can all find mutually beneficial areas to partner with win-win situations just like this on in rising new markets.

Like the hundreds of new drive-in movie theatres that are being re-0pened or built.  Think of other changing markets you could do cross-promotions with.  It’s not all about YOU.

As Zig Ziglar states in his  best selling book. if you help enough other people get what they want you’ll always get what you want.

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