Isn’t Jello one of those strange foods that almost everyone enjoys? Well, as you know I provide lots of simple ways to get new customers, and this one will help give you hope to reach some of your new customer goals. Today I won’t be sharing a recipe for jello but a simple recipe for getting closer to the big results you are looking for in business; it can just remind you of jello….I will also explain why it’s important to “poke the jello”

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Have you ever made instant jello? I haven’t in a long time, but I was at a Leadership Productivity Forum last week and I heard a lesson called “Poke The Jello” that I’d like to share with you.


Back to making jello…You just take the packet, mix it with some water it’s just liquid then you put it in the refrigerator and as it cools it turns into the solid form and it’s familiar bouncy texture. It goes through this strange transformation when you follow the recipe.

I’d like to give you a quick recipe that will give you hope in reaching some big goals that you may have been putting on the back burner or not thought you had time to pursue. If you don’t expect big results you usually won’t get big results…take a look at your expectations.

“Your expectations contribute to your results. Inspect what you expect.” –click to tweet

What does this all have to do with Jello? ¬†Imaging a cube of red jello. ¬†When you “poke jello” it pushes in one side and it bends out on the other sides. ¬†In the Leadership Forum Bill, not Bill Cosby by the way…a different Bill, explained the results you want in life are the same way, when you gain good habit personally it affects your performance in business.

You can’t have bad sloppy habits at home and expect to be totally organized and productive at work. –click to tweet

Can you see how if you create productive habits that it can’t help to affect other areas?

Here are 3 action steps you do to put this into action. ¬†You may want to jot this down with a pen and paper now…

1. Pick one area of life you’d like to improve. ¬†

Get clear on the #1 result you want in one specific area of your life; Health, Career, Financial, Fun, Social/Community, etc.
Write down what specifically you’d like to improve or change in that area. ¬†What is the #1 result you want in the next 12 months? ¬†Also include, why; what will that get you?

2. Answer 4 questions

First, Based on what you want write down what strengths you have that will help you get it.  Next, write down the weaknesses you have that may block you from getting it.

Third, write down; outside yourself what are the opportunities that you may face in moving closer to your #1 result?  Lastly, what are the threats you may come against as you pursue this result?

3. Poke The Jello

Based on what you see is required to get the result you want write down your first 2 action steps.  If those action steps are big break them down into smaller parts, then put them in your calendar when you will accomplish them.

When the first 2 steps are complete go back to your paper where you wrote the result you want, adjust if necessary and find out the next 2 steps. ¬†You move closer to what you want one day at a time, 2 small actions steps at a time. ¬†Two times a day you “poke the jello” strategically and it affects other areas of your life in a positive way.

Can you see as you move closer to results you want in one area that there are ancillary benefits to improve and achieve other areas of life; especially when you get clear on what you want in those other areas everything will start working together to get where you want to go.

Leave a comment with one area of life you’ll be focused on to “poke the jello” this week,