Book Review: Guy Kawasaki, Enchantment

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

January 9, 2013

This is my book review of Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment.

“Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions” was a fantastic book, and I didn’t really know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised and got a lot out of it. I’d like to share with you 3 Key points I got out of the book and how you can apply it to your life and develop enchantment.

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What is enchantment? As Guy defines it, is the process of delighting people with a product, service, organization or idea. ¬†Guy covers in the Enchantment book why we get so delighted with a company or cause and follow it, contribute and share with little or no compensation….and how you create that feeling with people.

When you hear a¬†description¬†like that what other word comes to mind? ¬†For me, it’s basically reminds me of “influence”.



3 Key points to develop enchantment.

1. Develop “Likeability”

I found it interesting that this one of the first topics in the book, and with social networking we are more transparent than ever before.  If you have social networking profiles on all the big networks and your Facebook profile is always positive but they hop over to your twitter and you are sloppy, critical of others and have a photo of yourself in your profile image that makes you look like you are angry or judging someone, that makes an impression.  You become less likeable.

I saw this starfish, and without it being human look how it’s “body” language makes you feel. ¬†What is your “first impression” of the Attitude of this starfish?


Leave a comment below with the first words that come to mind when you see it. ¬†Isn’t that funny how our brains are hard-wired to understand positioning of something that even remotely reminds us of a human body. ¬†Your social media profiles are people’s first impression of you, and¬†usually¬†how you are on social networking is how you are in real life.

2. Community

Guy talks about developing a community of people that are raving fans, giving them the ability to interact, ask each other questions and discuss topics related to your cause.  Guy is also an author of a Google Plus guide that was promoted on the social network for those that want to learn more about it.

Google Plus recently integrated “Communities” into it’s social network platform. ¬†I’ve noticed there was a lot of hype about it the first few days they were launched and now people are less active in the communities, and people may dismiss them as just a “normal” part of the platform now, but I really think it’s a powerful feature of Google Plus and can be a major part in developing enchantment in your followers for your company or cause.

If you are looking for the best business networking and cross promotion community on Google plus click here.¬† In this community there are professionals who will pro-actively share your message with their social network and it’s a great place to find referral partners. [disclaimer: this is a group I started and plan to grow to 1000 members this year]

If you have 20 cross-promotional ¬†partners that each have 1000 people in their social network who share your message you get exposure of 20,000 people, beyond your reach. ¬†Look for ways to gain leverage in getting exposure to your cause or message. ¬†You could just share your own message to your 1000, but 20,000 people endorsing someone else is very powerful. ¬†In the cross promotion community you’ll find plenty of people to connect with and develop these sorts of relationships with.

3. Communication

Have you noticed some of the best messages that spread are short and simple? ¬†“Just Do It”, “Got Milk”, “TED: Ideas worth spreading” and many, many more.

He recommends to have a slogan or a simple message which he gives lots of examples and a formula to create a message that inspires and is “enchanting” to people. ¬†When you are networking with other business professionals you should have a message of how you help people that is so simple that when someone hears it for the first time if they resonate with it they could turn around and repeat it or share it with someone else later that day.

This is a strategy that non-profits and charities use to help their message spread also, a simple message that gets to the core of your #1 result and why people need it.  Features tell what something is, benefits tell what something does for them, and benefits of the benefits tell how their life will be enchanted when they contribute to your cause.

There are several more great points I got from the book that maybe I’ll share in a short webinar coaching if anyone wants to go deeper on this topic, let me know. ¬†I enjoyed the Enchantment book by Guy Kawasaki, it had many great points and if you are trying to get your message to spread for a company or a cause I highly recommend it.


If you got value from this leave a comment below,




Jeremy C. Jones, a proud military veteran, is also a family man and entrepreneur who lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona. His accomplishments include being a four-time #1 Best-Selling Author on Amazon, hosting the popular podcast ‚ÄúIdeas That Make an Impact,‚ÄĚ establishing The Book District, and founding and serving as CEO at Jones Media Publishing.

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