Getting the most out of your blog


Blogging day after day, week after week and not sure why no one is reading it?  You may be spending time in the wrong areas in how you are blogging.

Stop spinning your wheels and learn in this short blog post how to make the most of your blog


Getting the most out of your blog

I see a lot of people posting random things on their blog with no purpose.   It’s important to first begin with the end in mind.  What are you ultimately wanting to get out of your blog, most people just hear that a blog is a good idea, but don’t have a plan.  I’d recommend starting with who your ideal clients are, find out what their needs, wants and dislikes are and revolve everything around that.  If you are blogging to no one in particular, no one will be interested in reading it.  I’m talking to a very specific audience on my blog, independent professionals and small business owners that want to find creative ways to get new clients without chasing them.  That’s you isn’t it? 🙂

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After you find out who your ideal target audience is it’s important to ask them for permission to communicate with them, I do this by offering something of value like a free training video, audio or something educational that will help them.  In case you are wondering what happens when you enter your name and email I’m going to tell you, if you already are subscribed I’m going to help you understand the basics of how you can start a process like this for yourself.

After someone subscribes they should automatically be added to an email newsletter software.  There are many out there, I like to use Mailchimp because if you are not sure if you want to deal with email subscribers yet you can try it for free, there is training included in the membership and it’s easy to use.


A Plan of action

Here is a basic plan; Blog 1-5 times per week consistently and write something that will help your target audience.  Let’s say you want to write a new blog post every Monday, well maybe you could write it Friday, save it as a draft, then Monday morning you could finalize it and post it.  Now you have new content on your blog.

Next, log into Mailchimp and create a new email that would be sent to all your blog subscribers.  In the email, I’d recommend writing a very short email talking about the benefits in applying what you are teaching them or explaining in the blog post so they want to visit.  Include a link to your blog.  I don’t recommend to copy and paste everything in your blog post in the email.  There are two reasons for this, number one, they don’t need to visit your blog if they get it in the email.  Number two, they will think they don’t need to be subscribe, they can just visit your blog.  Keep the emails short and to the point and include a link to the blog post for the best results.

I just gave you what I believe is the best way to use a blog system that works the best.  Blog at least once a week, promote your blog post, update your subscribers and tell them why they should read your blog post and include a link.  Remember to always fill the needs and offer help and support to your target audience, a blog is to offer value to them, not a megaphone for you.

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