Have you attempted to start blogging but didn’t know where to start?  Maybe you wrote a few posts, then you just ran out of things to talk about.  I’d like to share with you why blogging is challenging for most people and what to do about it.

It’s pretty simple to create a blog.  But what do you do next?

Over the last few days I’ve been putting together the blog road map for an alternative to the Online Branding Rat Race.  Today I’ll cover why I believe most people blog once or twice then leave their blog to collect dust on a small tab off to the side of their website.

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If you are doing that you are leaving money on the table.  It’s like having money in a checking account but not having a debit card to access it.

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A correctly used blog can literally be an asset you develop online, and after reading my Online Branding Rat Race, which is actually a simple guide to blogging for business.

Blogging Styles

There are basically two styles of blogging, Journal or Solution Finding.

You want your blog to be a solution finding blog.  Most people write their blog as a journal for their business.  Announcing what their business awards are this month, new stuff about their company and many other things most people could care less about.

When you create a solution finding blog; everything you write should speak to the needs, want’s and solving problems of your target market.  This brings to my second challenge most business owners have with their blog; they want to get the attention of “everyone”.

When you try to get the attention of everyone you usually attract no one.

This is a topic covered in my new book about how to market your business with a blog, coming soon.

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