Many proper want to double our triple what they are currently doing by this time next year.  To do that wouldn’t it make sense that you need to double our triple your number of clients?

All you need are the fundamentals of
how to put together a basic marketing strategy

In order to double your numbers what do you first need?

Work harder…

Get on facebook more…

Or on facebook less….

Where are you now?

To double your numbers you first need to know what your numbers are.

How many clients are you currently attracting monthly now?

What is the net value of one customer to you…and know the gross value.

What is the lifetime value of that client?  If you put a referral marketing plan in place this value week be more by the way.

Next you should have a goal in mind.  Its not specific enough to say you want to be “doing much better”

Set a goal that you want to earn “250k in income” as a target as an example.

Factor out how many clients per month that you must serve to that.

Lets say its 20 per month.

How many prospects do you need to connect with to start 20?  It may be you feel you close 50% of them, this means you need an effective way to attract 40 people to you on a regular basis.

Next define what you currently do to get clients, and write down some new strategies you can start, that you will learn in this blog by the way, to creatively bring you new prospects.

IMG_0118_20120108_HDR "Ready to Fire"
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Set your aim

Set a target income goal

Decide how many new customers you need to reach that

Track and improve marketing strategies to facilitate attracting those people to you

Use Value Driven Marketing to spend less time personally on your marketing system and get  leveraged results.

“Success is uncommon application of common knowledge”-Ivan Misner, founder BNI

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