Are Advertisers Liars?  How to market a business…without Lying.

You see it all the time in ads….

Use this credit card so you can walk on the beaches of the world, you deserve it.

Eat this stuff, you’ll look cool immediately to all your friends.

Attend our college, your life sucks admit it…you’ll have the life of your dreams after you graduate.

Use this deoderant and the opposite sex will find you irresistible.

Are they giving us what we want, or are they liars?

It’s funny, I had this conversation with a friend about getting a book published.  To keep this generic I’ll use an example so you get the picture.  Let’s say it’s a book about a 12 month plan to have a great attitude every day.  The book publisher wanted to publish the book, but they want the book edited and the title changed to a 12 “step” plan, not a 12 month plan.

What’s the difference?  12 steps sounds immediate….and 12 months, wow! that’s a long time to totally change and improve your life right?  Look back at the last 12 months, did you change your life in a big way? maybe, maybe not….but big change takes big time.  They didn’t want the plan to sound to long, because it doesn’t sell.  Nothing at all against the book publisher, it’s just they need to publish what sells, and unfortunately what sells right now is, “Quick Fix”.

Is there a solution to this?  We want to be realistic to people, telling them the results they will get but it’s also important to let them know the exact result they will get….letting them determine how long it will take them.  When putting together your marketing message consider these few things.

  1. It’s all about what it will do for them
  2. They want to know the #1 result they will get
  3. They want to know an outline of how they can do it…so it’s easy to understand

They do this in a way to exaggerate the results we get in an entertaining or funny way so we remember the message and talk about it….otherwise we don’t really have conversations about under arm deoderant, so it works.

I wrote about getting testimonials from your customers last week, keep this in mind when asking them what to write about.  What their needs were, why they chose you, who else they would recommend you to.  This is the basics of an effective testimonial.  If you missed that one read it here.

In order to get them to buy the product, in this case the book and invest the time to read it the title is what sells, in this case people DO judge a book by it’s cover and title.  Uncover a problem people have and give them predictable steps to achieve it.  If you want more on the topic to simplify marketing, leave a comment.

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