Did you know you can use Value Driven Marketing to promote your event using your blog online AND offline?

Let’s suppose you are putting on a class or workshop, here are some tips on how you can promote it using you blog and the concept of  Value Driven Marketing.


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Here are 2 ideas To Get People Attracted To Your Event:
1. Write a blog post every day

Come up with 1 blog post topic for every day leading up to your event

Write one tip per day in the form of a blog post that ties into the ideas presented at your class or workshop

Include 3 reasons why the tip is important [300-400 word blog post]

at the bottom of the blog post put

“info about our next class”

This Friday we’re doing a….

Include: Event name, Location…benefits, benefits, benefits [what are the benefits to them attending]

class is filling up fast, find out about space available for the class call…
[your phone number]

***Call today about the class and get a free 15 minute consultation, even if you don’t join the class*** [optional]

[Be Pro-Active] Share the blog posts all over social media and ask people to share if they like the tip

Don’t ask them to buy or register….ask them to share

People will share the blog post and those that have an interest in the class will call you about your event



2. Call 5-10 people per day

Let them know you just wrote a blog post and wanted to see if they wouldn’t mind sharing it on Facebook

it’s a tip about… [whatever that days tip is about]

Tell them the class is [cost $], but if they share it that you would give them a discount [whatever you decide]

Say…If they’d like to join the class great, if not no big deal…but you’d appreciate it if they would share today’s blog post for you.

Email them the exact blog post [send them to an exact blog post URL]

just ask they click the facebook icon on the blog post to SHARE

make it very easy for them

Promote consistently and put value first and you’ll increase the chances of filling up your event!

Hope you enjoyed these tips that come from our Value Driven Marketing class…

In the VDM Class…You’ll learn how to get referrals on demand, attract less and sell more and how to get paid for people who flat out tell you “NO” that look at your service, product or business.

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