A first impression is a lasting impression, and we only have one chance to make a first impression.

I was recently a victim of follow up homicide.  Find out if you’ve accidentally killed your chances of getting referrals.

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How to NOT follow up

I attended a local networking event here in Scottsdale last week, as I usually do I send an email to those I would like to develop a relationship with and potentially exchange referrals with.  Those that I have a great connecting with a follow up with a phone call to see how I can assist them and who is an ideal referral for them, I seek to serve first and add value.

I met a guy that claimed to be a “marketing expert”, at first I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, so I got to know him a bit and exchanged cards.  I sent him an email to let him know it was nice to meet him, he replied and said some nice things about meeting me  as well…pretty standard.

However Monday I was surprised to have to generic autoresponder messages that he had added me to his sales letter, asking me to buy this and join that….obviously he didn’t know any of my needs or if that would even benefit me.

Success leaves clues.

People with assume that you will treat their referrals with the same professional manor you treated them with; sending “spam” is a clue as to how he conducts himself, nothing wrong with him as an individual, in fact he was very pleasant to meet…however, it’s a follow up FAIL to add someone to an automatic email without their permission; allowing them to submit their email so they know what they are getting is more appropriate.

Unless I get some other strong impression that he conducts himself professionally this person will never get a referral or introduction from me.  Talk to anyone in my network, I generously send referrals and introductions that may lead to referrals all the time, in fact daily…but I don’t want other people to be automatically added to a sales letter they have not given permission to.

If you have done this in the past as an innocent mistake, it’s ok…you are not a bad person, just live by the golden rule and think if someone treated you that way would you see it as being professional?


 If you don’t see this as a big deal and already do this, it may be why people are carefully guarding their network to you.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

If you need help in setting up a system where people submit their email and they get a free video or PDF report to get on your email list let me know.

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