Have you ever noticed there are some activities that absolutely fuel your motivation, keep you going even late into the night and waking up early?  And there are other things that completely drain you stop you in your tracks and require you to reset and renew your mind on a regular basis.

These are the things that either fuel your motivation on a deep level, or the things that drain you that go against what internally drives you.

Here is how to fuel your motivation…
First ask yourself:

What fuels you?
How do you discover what motivates you and what drives you?
I recently was able to meet with and get to know a very sharp a lady named Christi McMurdi, who is an attorney here in the Phoenix area.

She is a certified WHY coach, which basically means she helps you discover your why. Your why is basically your “WHY you do what you do” motivation, if you’ve ever seen Simon Sineks TED presentation, Start With Why, you’ll get the idea.  She’s a part of a coaching program that helps people identify why they do what they do and how they are motivated on a deep level to continue stay motivated, and continue to drive them to new levels of enjoyment and satisfaction in life.

How you do it
What I discovered when going through my why coaching session with Christi is that, I discovered some of the reasons why I do what I do, and why I’m fueled by different things.

Also, it’s interesting to find out why some things completely drain me.  It was really insightful, & I recommend you connect with her as well if you’re looking to find your passion and purpose and insights into why you do what you do, discover how you can be fueled everyday towards the reason why you do what you do.

Also I found out that the things that you think are your purpose, really are the skills that you have and the how you do what you do which just feed into the why you do what you do.  As an example I like to add value to other people and contribute to other people’s lives but contribution is not my “why I do what I do”, the real reason why I do what I do is to establish rapport and trusted relationships with people, that’s why I do what I do.

In many of my classes, and coaching sessions I’m teaching people how to build rapport, because people do business with those that they know like and trust, this is a common thread throughout all of business and its very very important.  However, I discovered this week why I put so much of an emphasis on building trust and rapport with people, and that is because I know how important it is, and it’s one of my personal drivers is to add value to other people so we develop a trusting relationship.

Add value to other people and develop a trusting relationship.

Discover your WHY
What is the quickest way is to discover what your why?  One thing you can do is to look back over the last 5 days and think of a situation that made you extremely frustrated or angry, many times this is due to your values or your WHY driver getting violated, this is a way you can find out what’s most important to you and do a self analysis as to why that situation irritates you and this will discover what your drivers are.  Many times your WHY will be how you fuel your motivation.

If you discover why these values are violated, you can use the same motivators in a positive way to fuel and drive your motivation.

In Simon Sinek’s presentation, Start With Why he talks about the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle is starting with why why you do what you do and the outer ring of the circle is how you do what you do.  The example Simon uses in his TED talk is Apple.  Apple is dedicated to why they do what they do in the customer experience, then the how they do it with their products and services fall into the HOW they do it, but its all supported by the WHY they do what they do.

What can you do this week to discover more clearly what your, WHY you do what you do, is and how you can use it to drive you with purpose and enjoyment…Use this to fuel your motivation and pay attention what frustrates you, it will be great insight as to what can also fuel your fire.

Here is the Start With Why TED talk…enjoy




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