How to get new local clients on Facebook

Most people are trying to use their marketing as a megaphone to shot-gun their message out there.  We are bombarded with so much content today that most people just tune it out.  The strategy you may want to consider is using “context” to your target audience.  Context means targeting them specific to their needs, wants, don’t wants, or interests.

If you are interested in celebrities like Geraldo Rivera, now you can make a list of your “Liked” pages…you will also be able to see posts of other people that are interested in the same people, places and things as you.  This is a great way to connect with new people that could turn into clients.We have floods of information from pages we’ve liked on our facebook stream, now they are working on keeping it from becoming just noise.
[Disclaimer: I don’t actually like Geraldo, it’s just an example] 

Here is a new change to Facebook that you can apply to your business.

Visit a page you have “liked”

When you mouse over “Liked” it will give you an option to add to a list.

I’ve create a local list where anything I want to know about going on in Arizona I simply click on my
“Interests” to Arizona and I get a stream of just what I’m interested in.


You can also click Add Interests and search for other lists based on your interest

When you subscribe to a list, it’s like you are liking a whole group of pages at the same time…but since they are in one interest category it should not clog up your stream…so it will start to make sense to add EVERY page you like to a list to keep your stream clean with friend updates.

You can also share a List you recommend your friends to add to their interests by clicking Share at the top right.

There are many ways to do local marketing or segment the pages you like to get new clients,
we’ll explore more on another post.

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