New research says Pinterest is set to surge next year, here’s why…

We’re entering a time where “social networking” is not enough. Here’s the Pinterest stats for 2015 and how to use Pinterest to get traffic.

People are more “connected” online that ever before…yet people feel disconnected from people so we’re constantly searching for new affinity and connection in other places.

Facebook allows us to keep up with our friends. A Social Network.

Pinterest allows us to discover and connect by topic or interest.  An Interest Network.

Pinterest user stats 2015

Currently there are 47 Million people using Pinterest (according to this new social examiner article on the predicted Pinterest surge in 2016)

One primary reason you should pay attention to Pinterest if you are using online tools for marketing and outreach is because if you are marketing on Facebook, it’s a great platform, however for the most part people are there for “entertainment purposes”.

On Pinterest, it’s made up of what people gather for inspiration (what they want in the future), clothing, gadgets, cars, travel and things that put people in a “buying mood”.

In addition to that, it’s designed for the images to get click through (to your website), which is how you use Pinterest to get traffic to your blog or website.

Pinterest is not just another “social network” to consume your time, unless you ARE the consumer.

On Pinterest there are Consumers and there are Creators.  I’d recommend you look at yourself as a creator that consumers are looking for.

Also, many people see Pinterest as a platform primarily for Women…while the number do slightly skew to the women consumer….it’s well balanced with a blend of men and women consumers.

And NO Pinterest is not a conspiracy to consume all your time 🙂

Pin this image

I put together a simple blogging campaign based on a concept I call “Trend Surfing”, which is capturing a traffic flow and trending topic already existing and “riding the wave” or “surfing” with the flow of people’s interest.

I did it with a friend Eric, who posted this guest blog post on The Ultimate Bloggers Guide To Duck Dynasty that got over 9,000 Re-Pins on Pinterest.  That means there are 9000+ pins with links back to my blog post, new visitors and readers on a consistent basis.  Check out the post with a short video on how I used Pinterest to drive traffic and new readers to my blog and how you can do the same.

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  1. Hi Jeremy,

    It was surprising to me that there are 47 million users Pinterest. That is great info. Now, I can answer if someone asked me that sort of thing to me.

    Yes, Pinterest has many users. There are many people who depend on Pinterest, either for business or other needs.

    Pinterest is a favorite place to share the infographic. Since there are many people who prefer to learn through visual rather than text-based. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Jeremy.
    Hope you can enjoy your weekend!


  2. To be honest, I think that there is now more social media than there is time to be social. I am on Pinterest, but I haven’t found much of a following on it. I’m trying to contribute there more often, but I think it is a bit of a hit and miss site. So far … it’s a miss 🙂

    • Hey Jo, thanks for the comment. You are right its difficult for one person to fully be on all the networks.

      If you want to reply here with a link to your blog I can give you sooner suggestions on how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog posts.


      • Hi Jeremy,

        I already link my content to both Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. I meant that it is difficult for the average person to follow so much social media. We (the marketers and sellers) are on all of them and interact to varying levels.

        The issue with Pinterest is that many people do not curate their content. They add everything and that becomes a stream of noise.

        I don’t run a very busy blog (although it is old and well indexed), but if you are curirous …


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