How A Cross Promotion Can Gain You 5,000 New Visitors To Your Blog When It’s Powered By Google Plus

Chances are good you won’t personally send 5000 new visitors to your blog yourself, you will want to find some sort of leverage. A great way to do this is by using cross-promotional partners. You can start even if you don’t have much of an audience yet yourself.

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How to utilize a promotional partner:

  1. Let’s say you ran a blog about local marketing for small business owners.
  2. You find someone who runs a blog about social media marketing for small business owners.
  3. If you have a circle of 1000 business people you could partner with someone with a same size circle on Google+
  4. Both of you agree to send out:

I just found about this great blog. These are the 7 best tips I’ve read about [topic] in a long time “include your blog link”

You both send the message at an agreed time/day.  This is a Win-Win for both parties. Over time work with 50 people that send your message out to a circle of 1000 you have 50,000 exposures of your blog. Let’s say 10% click the link, you’ll have 5000 new visitors. Where do you find people who mutually agree to do this? A cross promotion community

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Common Question: Why not send out your own link?

It has been said…you cannot be a prophet in your own home town [circle]. A recommendation of your blog will always carry more weight when coming from someone else other than you. Also, you look better sending promotions for other people other than yourself most the time anyway. It’s a win-win. I searched and realized there was no other g+ community to find cross promotional partners or strategic partners in general so I created one. Find it by searching Google Plus For: #crosspromote or come join us at the best google plus community to Find your best cross promotional partners

You will hear lots more on my blog about the new Google Plus communities, I see incredible potential with them and I’d like to educate you on how to use them for fun and profit.

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