How To Solve Customer Complaints

Have you ever spoke with a potential customer or client and they seem to have one problem or complaint after another and they can’t make a decision to become your client, this may seem obvious, but when they can’t make a decision to buy, they have automatically made a decision not to buy.   How to we help potential customers make decisions and get over their problems without seeming pushy?  Let’s discuss that here with 3 simple ideas.

1. Define how you see problems

The first thing you can do is find out if this is a complaint you agree with in your own mind, a problem you can agree with.   First off, if you have several common complaints or objections get them straight in your own mind with your #1 result in mind.  What is your #1 result?  This is something you have to decide, but a good place to start is that the customer will get more in value than what they pay you in dollars.  This is a win-win.

Let’s also change the word from problem to challenge.  Problems just usually stay as problems, challenges can be overcome….and we sometimes like a challenge.  After all, it’s it more fun to be working on a creative solution to a challenge than thinking about the problems of others?

2. Discuss Solutions

With your number one result in mind for them, the value you will be providing to them in mind come up with logical solutions to the challenge.  Now you can discuss different options, always keeping your number #1 result, to bring them value, and their #1 result, being their most pressing needs/wants/don’t wants.

3. Agree on the best win-win solution

If you are always keeping, “The End In Mind”, creative solutions to challenges will become much easier, and when others see your priority is making sure they get value and you live by those virtues to put others first it’s easy to find a win-win.

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