If you have a blog, you actually have an online asset that can benefit you both Online and Offline, especially when using Contactually.  

You can use it as a way to connect with more people, and make more money this year.  Making money online has a lot to do with two things; audience and influence.


Online or offline your audience will grow by networking with other people.  You can leverage your time by using a tool online called Contactually.

What is Contactually?

It helps you when you are networking and meeting new people, it assists you to keep in touch consistently and systematically.  Did you know you can use a blog to make more money this year?    This podcast will explain these two topics.


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In this Podcast we cover:

  • Keep in touch systematically
  • Develop endless referrals
  • Using A Simple Contact Manager alongside Aweber
  • Developing Strategic Partners
  • How you can use a blog make more money this year
  • Develop connecting points with Newsle and Google Alerts
  • How to drive traffic to your blog without selling
  • Try Contactually Free

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In the 180xCoaching.com membership for a limited time you can get a free audio on developing referrals from local networking events.  Also get more Coaching on developing a profitable blog.


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