It’s always easier to master a new skill when you break it down to it’s most simple parts. After it’s simplified then each of the simple parts can become more complex, but it’s important to keep the fundamentals in mind.

In baseball there are basically 3 skills you must learn to become a pro.

  • How to hit the ball
  • How to throw the ball
  • How to catch the ball

I was reminded of this when we commonly have Pro Baseball players come to Phoenix during Spring training, they come here during their off season to practice those three things over and over. Many may wonder why they need to practice those things when they are already pros?

The Temple
Photo Credit: Cliff Baise via Compfight

They are already Pros and they are working toward mastery, you might be learning to become a pro in your industry now so it helps to get coaching and advice to make sure you are on the right track.  What if you’re practicing the wrong things?  To master a skill even Michael Jordan has a coach to perfect what he’s practicing.

I use Michael Jordan as an example because he was a pro at basketball but when he made it into Pro Baseball I understand he needed even more coaching because it wasn’t his natural sport, but he still became a pro from practicing the fundamentals of a new sport.

Practice Makes Perfect

Perfect Practice makes Perfect.

When marketing keep these three skills as your fundamentals and you can start to generate more leads and customers more rapidly.

  • Exposure
  • Engage
  • Upgrade

You should start with having several reaching out methods as ways to expose your message, value and business into the marketplace.  Identify a few creative ways to engage and interact with those people that have been exposed to your message.  Next,  look for ways to take engaging conversations and turn them into customers.

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