If you are like a lot of other people out there in that you are always looking for new ways to get your business more exposure.  If you’re like me when putting together a solid marketing plan I was always looking for coaching, advice and creative ways to market your business.

Here are Three Creative Iron-Clad Strategies To Get More Exposure To Your Business

One thing you want to focus on is Building Alliances….ask what can you do for them first, then look for ways to build joint ventures.

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The 3 strategies are:

  • Cross Promotional Partners
  • Value Driven Marketing
  • Expert Positioning

Cross Promotion Partners- Find someone who serves your same target market and build a relationship where you can find some things that are mutually beneficial.  Create an offer or package that would be attractive and serve the needs of an audience.

There are lots of ways to create a win-win relationship, one options is to do an event that your cross-promotional partner will promote for you and they position you as the expert.  You then provide a seminar or workshop and your partner would get a percentage of the packages or services purchased.

Value Driven Marketing- One of my favorite marketing strategies is Value Driven Marketing because it’s giving value first and helping other people first before people do business with you.  VDM is first identifying who your target customer is, then discovering what their common challenges and problems are and offering to give them information on how to solve specific problems for them first.  The easiest way to start is by blogging.

Expert Positioning- The third strategy, and we’ll be covering other creative strategies later but these will help get you off to a great start is positioning yourself as an expert.  This works very well for local marketing; is one strategy I’ve helped clients to discover a goldmine of new clients right in their own back yard when helping them as a local marketing coach.  This is where you take what you’ve learned about your target audience and search for places they gather locally.

Look to connect with the organizer of that group and offer to come in and do a 15 minute talk to help them overcome a particular common challenge they face.  This is all educational, no selling.  It’s another form of Value Driven Marketing offline and since you’re invited in by the leader of a group you’re seen as an expert to the audience.

There are lots of different ways to market a business, these are 3 ways you can use starting this week to get more exposure and possibly new clients.

If this helped you leave a comment below with which one you’re going to pursue this week.