How do you start getting your first group of clients.  Maybe you are just starting out or you are introducing a new program, how do you get momentum in getting new clients without a large following?  We’ll cover a few ideas here to help you.

Today I wanted to talk to you about passive marketing versus active marketing.  Passive marketing is sending out a message to a faceless, nameless person hoping they buy from you or fill out your contact us form.  The percentage of somone doing this is very low, let’s call it 1%.  This means you have to drive at least 100 people to your message to get one new client, and most people don’t buy the very first time they visit a website if you don’t have trust and credibility with them.   How do you get around this without becoming a website traffic ninja?

You can get around this by using ‘active’ marketing.  This means consistency will play a major part in you getting new clients.  Now I know most people don’t want to tell you there is work involved, you just buy this SEO package and loads of traffic will swarm to you and buy everything you have….this is unlikely.  To get clients actively you may need to personally invite some people to look at your program and actively ask for referrals, these are both skills you can develop also, but it’s worth it right?  In fact you’ll get more traffic to your website by just asking people to look at it and click like, than you can imagine….do that consistently to actively get more visitors to your website.  If that sounds like ‘work’ to you, good 🙂  You’ll feel good about yourself in doing things pro-actively for your business.


What if you called up a friend, had them look at your website with a new service you offer to see if they could think of anyone that may be able to benefit from something like that…and they say “nawh, I can’t think of anyone dude”….you just say, “ok, no problem, well then will you just click that ‘like’ button?”

Many think just being on facebook that it will do all the work for you, my suggestion to you is that if you do some work on the front end that you can get a TON of leverage from Facebook, but you have to do a few simple things on the front end.

I’m going to challenge you today to actively call and ask for referrals, or personally invite 10 people to take a look at a program or product you are offering and see how much more activity you get rather than hoping and wishing for new clients.

If you want more help with actively asking for referrals so you actually get them leave a comment below.


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