Where  To Get Quality Backlinks To Your Blog in 48 hours or less.

In this video I share how to get other people to gladly share your blog for you and how to get over 300 new backlinks to your blog post.

Where To Get Backlinks To Your blog?

In this blog post I’ll cover how to get backlinks to your blog using two free tools, Google Plus Communities and Pinterest.

What is a backlink?

A back-link is simply another website outside of yours that contains a link contains a link to your website.  Here is an example

Visit 180xCoaching.com to find Local Marketing Coach Jeremy Jones

The text acts as the keyword that tells Google if it’s “relevant” then the link when clicked goes to your website.  This is the most salient way I can explain it, since I didn’t understand the techie side of it hopefully this helps clear up for you what a back-link is.


One way Google determines if a search is relevant to be found by search is by how many other websites point to yours [back-links], they also take into account the “anchor text” which is what the text actually says.  For example, if a link says Man Cave put the link points to ShoppingForWomen.com; for purposes of example only, then Google does not find this relevant.

You might ask why anyone would ever create a link that doesn’t point to an appropriate website, well that’s called bait and switch, trying to lure you into clicking on a website for traffic alone…this never pays off long term.  In order to have long term consistent new traffic to your site you need to know where to get backlinks added to each of your blog posts on a regular basis.

Find referral partners

Look for others that you can develop a win-win relationship with that will refer to your blog on their articles as a point of reference also.  You can look for other people with blogs similar to yours and find valuable info you can contribute to their article and ask they add a link to your blog post on the same topic.

You can also find people who I call “cross-promotional partners”, these are people who agree to share out your blog post to their social networks when they see something that would be of value to their audience.  To find other cross promotional partners connect with me in the best blog cross promotion community to market a blog on Google+ here.

Leverage high traffic sites

There are certain sites that get indexed on Google very quickly, when I say indexed I mean they are added to Google search results.  One website that you can get lots of new backlinks and also get great Google search results with is Pinterest.

Pinterest, which I’m sure you’re already familiar with but if you are not is an image sharing website based on topic and interests.  It’s all visual.

When you add an image to your blog and pin it to one of your Pinterest boards all your followers see it and it’s searchable for anyone else looking for that topic.

This week I had a blog post with an image I pinned to Pinterest that in 24 hrs had over 200 pins and in two days had over 360 pins.  Each of those contribute to a backlink to my website and counts as more relevant in search results.  Also any time someone clicks on the image from pinterest, even if it’s not directly shared by me, it carries with it the link back to my blog post.

In the video below I share with you exactly how this works…and how I got over 360 back-links from Pinterest and dozens of other people sharing my post for me.

In this video are some of my most secret Pinterest strategies 

Thanks for sharing!

Now that you understand where to get backlinks you can start to take advantage of the full leverage that Pinterest in addition to developing cross promotional partners.  It’s a powerful combination to have your cross promotional partners share what you’ve pinned on Pinterest as a platform when you know how to use it right.  Let me know if you have any other specific questions.

Question:  Does this help to change your perspective of the leverage you can gain from Pinterest?  How will you use it differently?


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