White House Dinner

Have you heard the story of the guy that got personally invited from the President to have a private dinner at the White House?

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I’ll tell you a quick story of what he did and it will be clear how you can apply this to your life or business.

A man decided to pursue some big things, he asked, if I was giving someone else advice on how to achieve some big goals, I’d first advise them to write down clearly what he wanted, so he did that first…here was his list:

  1. Write a book
  2. get interviewed on a major broadcast program
  3. have dinner at the white house.

He started with the first step and wrote the book and happen to mention that he had these 3 things that he wanted and knew he would find a way to do them all.

Even though he had no idea how he would get the interview and dinner at the white house he focused on what he can control…write a book, one step at a time.

After the book was complete it was read by someone that had a connection on a TV program and was able to get him an interview on the show.

A few days after ¬†being on the show he got a telephone call. ¬†It was the president of the united states, at first he thought it was a joke, but it was really him. ¬†The president asked, “have you had dinner at the White House yet?”.

He replied no and the president invited him to have dinner because he enjoyed his book.  All because he confidently stated what he wanted, wrote it down in his book, almost announcing to the world that he was determined to achieve these things.  Soon after everything fell into place.

It sometimes helps to look at your situation from a third person if you are stuck, meaning to ask yourself, what advice would I give someone else in this situation.

What if you could give one short message to 10,000 people, what would you say?

You only live once, go for it.

Make sure to love those close to you.

Don’t waste time.

Make sure you take time to…[fill in the blank]

If you could send a brief message to 10,000 people who were paying attention, what would you say?  What advice would you offer?