What’s The Reason You’ll Give Referrals?  Does it depend on the referral programs or your connection with them?

We all consider ourselves to be giving people, privately we’ll admit other people are more giving but we all would like to consider ourselves to be giving people for the most part.

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Even when we give, we get something back.  The good feeling that comes along with it.


Some people selfishly give the food off their own table because it feels better to have the feeling of giving rather than to fill their own needs.


Why would someone send you a referral?


Only because they get something out of it.  Some customers will be motivated by the monetary rewards that you may offer for getting a referral from them.  Some may blow the cash off and think nothing of it.


It may be helpful to ask your potential referral partner if there are any other people they send referrals to on a regular basis and why.


Consider your referral partner may prefer you donate $50 to their favorite charity in their name, rather than giving them the cash…even though they can do that on their own.

Find out what motivates your tribe to send you referrals and create a program that meets their needs at the same time.  This is the foundation of winning referral programs.

Question: What reward would you like for giving someone a referral?  A simple thank you…cash….gift card….public recognition….donate to charity in their name….something else?