I recently took a class from a really successful marketer on back-linking because I wanted to find new ways to share how you can expose your business and your blog here with you, I learned some really powerful ideas.

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What are backlinks?

Having “backlinks” basically means a website that contains a link, back to another website.  When lots of websites link back, or point back to another website it makes it a more relevant website to be found on Google because it shows that other websites are suggesting it.

Here is a basic structure you should do with each of your blog posts, without getting into everything to do, which we may cover in another blog post, if this is something you want to learn in more detail leave a comment.

This is an example of what it would look like:

Write a blog post with at least 3 paragraphs and 300-600 words.  Pick a keyword that you would like to rank for on Google and make it the center point of your article.  Place the keyword in the first and last paragraph of your blog post.

Now we’ll call that “article one”.  This post should be shared on your social networks, also you should find other blog posts talking about the same topic and post a comment on their blog with your URL being “article one”.  Share this article on your social networks, and this gives it social networking strength [don’t know the technical word for it, but you get the idea, we’re going to keep this simple]

Next, write two more articles by picking out key points you made in the first one.  Submit these to article directories and add a link to “read more” about this topic to point back to “article one”.  Then do the same sharing with the two new articles.

As you can imagine, this creates almost a web of all the articles, bookmarking sites, networking sites to point back to “article one” which is the hub.  When someone does a search on Google, the more relevant the keywords and backlinks the better chance you have to rank higher.  Hopefully this helps you with a simple example, and there was a lot more I learned we can cover more later.

If you want more on how to rank higher on google and get new traffic to your blog from backlinks leave a comment.  This is one concept I’ll be teaching on my next webinar, you can join here and if you miss this one leave a comment to find out about the next one.

Leave a comment if this was helpful for you,