Episode 147: Interview with Jillian Bullock

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About Jillian Bullock:

Jillian Bullock is the CEO/President of Jillian Bullock Enterprises, LLC, a film production company based in Pennsylvania. She is also a transformation speaker fitness expert, and certified professional life coach known as “The Legitimate Fixer of Personal and Professional Development.” As one of the most sought-after transformation experts and speakers, Jillian’s keynote speeches and seminars have produced results for audiences that lead to happier and healthier people, which means they have increased productivity at home and at work.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • How Your Past Doesn’t Dictate What Your Future Will Be
  • How to Transform From A Victim to a Victor Mentality
  • Why It’s Important to Fail in Order to Learn Life Lessons for Success

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