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Episode 152: Interview with Katie Smith

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About Katie Smith:

As an Executive Coach & Career Coach, Katie B. Smith works with senior executives, managers, and professionals who want to Become more productive in their current role Want to become more inspiring leaders Want to improve their work satisfaction by aligning their work more closely with their values Want to seek new career opportunities. Katie holds her Advanced Corporate Coaching certification from Coach U and a Professional Coach Certification (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Katie believes that seeking to uncover and align with our authentic selves is vital to our becoming the best leaders we can be.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • The demand for high EQ – As we move from the information age to the intuition age – Your Emotional intelligence is in higher demand than your Intellect – so how are you putting attention on it and Strengthening it?
  • How can you give yourself up to what you desire to create and go with the flow verse working against yourself and letting the goals drive you.
  • How are you disrupting yourself in order to bring out your fullest potential?

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