Episode 158: Interview with Dr. Florin Docea

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About Dr. Florin Docea:

Dr. Florin Docea is passionate about positive transformation that lasts beyond the classroom (or the book). His practical approach to coaching focuses on practicing a set of fundamentally adaptive concepts and achieving higher proficiency levels that increase profitability. He is the founder of Adaptive by Design LLC, a boutique firm that prepares leaders to engage the exponential volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity of our world. Dr. Docea is a classically trained violinist, family man, pastor, and entrepreneur that has worked with global leaders in manufacturing, financial services, advertising, and nonprofit industries.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Intentional imbalance – build on the idea of “harmony” and introduce the concept of rhythm (helpful cycles)
  • Abiding Alignment – a continuous conversation regarding values, aspirations, ideas, and actions; must always rest on Transparency & Truth; requires Trust and is fueled by a selfless Tenacity
  • Purposeful practice – moving from intellectual gluttons (where we desire to know more and more about the latest ideas) to “plodding practitioners” (where we work really hard at developing leadership habits that become second nature)

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