When Opportunity Knocks, 8 Surefire Ways to Take Advantage

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

September 11, 2015


Episode 18: Interview with JJ Birden

About JJ Birden:

JJ was born and raised in NE Portland Oregon, JJ attended Lakeridge High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon. He earned a track & field scholarship to the University of Oregon. After running competitively his first year he begged Oregon’s then head football coach Rich Brooks for a chance to “walk on” the football team. He was determined to show coach Brooks that even at 5’10” and 150 lbs, he could play college football. JJ made the team that year and is considered the first track star to successfully walk on and excel at football for the Oregon Ducks.

JJ played with some of the best players who ever played the game, such players as Bernie Kosar, Troy Aikman, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Derrick Thomas, Marcus Allen, and Joe Montana. When asked what was the highlight of his career, JJ responded, “It would be the 1993 season with the Kansas City Chiefs. Two special things happened that year, we made it to the 1993 AFC championship game and that was the year I got to catch passes from one of the greatest Quarterbacks to ever play the game, Joe Montana.” JJ retired from the NFL in 1997.

Show Notes:

  • Motivate yourself to change and set goals for your life
  • Discipline yourself physically and mentally to take action when opportunity knocks
  • Stay committed to your goals when faced with barriers, setbacks, obstacles, and hurdles in life
  • Seek out positive mentorship and learn from the success of others
  • Silence the critics, ignore the doubters, and avoid self-sabotage
  • Align your focus and energy to seize every opportunity that presents itself


Enjoy the episode




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