Month: May 2012

how to keep clients for life

 Why would you want to have a revolving door business when you can build on what you accomplished last month?  Keep adding value, investing into others, even when it seems ridiculous.  It’s better to invest in the...

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Meet Rob Basso

[Project 212] Meet Rob Basso Take 12 minutes and enjoy this high energy content filled call on Rob’s wisdom and advice as to what it takes to be an Entrepreneur Click Play Click LIKE below...

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Friday Inspiration

more great quotes… Actor Rob Lowe and Tom Barrack quotes [highlight video] [youtube=] “The Key To Success is, If you do what you say, and nothing more, you will be in the top...

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Free Book

My friend Tom Trush just came out with a new book and he offered it yesterday for FREE on Kindle, well he extended it to today and I wanted to let you know because I got it and it’s really awesome! From Tom: Since just...

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