Here’s your 2016 Goal Planner template

You might be hesitant to set big goals for the new year….last year you set your goals up in a new planner you bought…however after a few weeks it just seems like they get put on the back burner.

Would you like a goal planner template to set and achieve your goals?

Look at the image above….I was literally driving through a blizzard during this holiday season in New Mexico with my family and it made me think of what it’s like to set and achieve goals.

When going after your goals you can’t see the path from where you are completely to the completion, there will be roadblocks and unexpected turns…just like a road, driving in the dark.  When you review your progress it’s like the headlights of your car looking ahead to see what is next and a rear view mirror to check to see where you’re going.  You don’t want to keep staring in the rear view mirror, you may crash if you don’t look forward.

Additionally, if you focus (as seen in the photo above) on the windshield directly in front of you with fog and snow or rain (obstacles) the path in front of you becomes out of focus.

In order to keep on the path, you want to be fully aware of the next few steps in front of you, but also be aware of the overall direction you are going.  I call this “Review and Pursue”.

Review and Pursue.  First review what you did achieve in the last 12 months.  You may be surprised to discover how much you did actually accomplish.  It’s important to celebrate those wins.

Below you’ll find a template I use to keep on track with goals that I think you’ll find helpful…but I’ll give you some insights here first.

Many times we don’t keep on track with goals because we don’t feel progress; sometimes we are not actually making progress, but many times we are making small steps of progress but don’t stop to celebrate the small steps.

We don’t achieve “Big Goals” actually…we complete smaller projects that accomplish BIG goals.

I’m going to suggest to you that you go by the Review and Pursue Formula.

First review what you have done and the progress you’ve made.  Look for gaps.  Look where pieces are missing and where progress needs to be made.  Also, look at the small steps of progress that you have made and show appreciation to yourself for making that progress.

Then decide what you need to PURSUE next, what are the first two action steps.

Then most importantly, put those two action steps in your weekly planner or calendar.  This is a concept I learned by being a part of the Leadership Productivity Forum, facilitated by my good friend Bill Heitzman, and it’s helped to keep me on track so hopefully it serves you too.

Lastly, be sure and schedule the time you will review your progress and celebrate your wins.

Hope this helps give you a Goal Planner Template for not only planning but achieving your goals.

You can click the orange button below to download a free one page PDF Template for Goal Planning.


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