Adapting In Motion: Finding Your Place In The New Economy

Episode 209: Interview with Jim Frawley

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About Jim Frawley:

Jim Frawley is the Founder of Bellwether, a community of people focused on learning, improvement and getting things done. He specializes in executive coaching, group coaching and organizational strategy. He has a unique ability to get people to accomplish what they didn’t think they could, and his clients are a diverse range of industries and styles, from Fortune 100 firms to startup entrepreneurs. He holds his Executive Coaching Designation from Columbia Business School, and is certified to administer numerous neuroscience, behavioral and personality assessments. His personal life is spread among three areas: he’s a big time reader, a small time triathlete and a full time husband and father.

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3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

    • Change is coming faster than we can prepare – technology and consolidation is shifting the job world, where the idea of “job roles” are going away.
    • The onus of development and advancement is now up to the individual more than ever. To respond to the change, we need to focus on a curiosity mindset, and personal development inside and outside of the office.
    • We are adaptable people – but we need some guidance on where to focus. Taking those first few steps to prepare for change puts a leg up on the competition.


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