#236 How to thrive and take control your career and life, by leading with your genius | Heather MacArthur

Episode 236: Interview with Heather MacArthur


About Heather MacArthur:
I started my career at the young age of 14. When I took my first job as a server at a fast food restaurant, the owner sat me down and explained I was not just starting a job; I was becoming his partner in business. That message has stuck with me ever since. My career has been a winding path that has taken me from a burger flipper extraordinaire, to serving in the Air Force as a Russian Linguist for the National Security Agency, all the way to being a learning and development leader for companies such as Princess Cruises and The Walt Disney Company, with quite a few odd jobs in between. It’s these diverse experiences that have built my philosophy and approach to what I do. Regardless of whether I’m coaching, facilitating, or speaking at an event, I strive to help people tap into their unique strengths, connect the dots of all their talents and experiences, and partner with one another to get the job done.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Manager your career like a business owner vs. an employee
  • Sell your genius vs. beg for a promotion
  • Learn to thrive in vs. simply survive your work

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