#251 How to build a self-sustaining, self-perpetuating, long-lasting organization | Bhavesh Naik

Episode 251: Interview with Bhavesh Naik


About: Bhavesh Naik

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • If building a self-sustaining, self-perpetuating, long-lasting organization or team is important to you, you may have to be your own best business philosopher. The existing business and management philosophies we have today in circulation were built on the outdated theories from the 1800s, and they don’t work in today’s knowledge intensive work. Most of the business philosophies in vogue today play to the same sheet of music handed down to us from 200 years ago.
    ACTION: Build your own foundational business philosophy or management theory for your business or team – your own sheet of music. Here’s how…
  • If building a self-empowered organization or team is important to you, you must view people as human beings with more than their intellect and behaviors, more than machines. We must acknowledge their other human dimensions that were eliminated from the old management theories.
    ACTION: Reset your relationship with your direct reports so that they engage with their roles as whole human beings. Here’s how…
  • When you shift the culture of your organization from dispassionate disengagement to passionate engagement and ownership, it unlocks the true potential of your business or team and helps you create an organization that can self-sustain for generations to come.
    ACTION: Set up organizational habits and systems that put humanity back in the process of running a business. Here’s how…


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