#261 How to be a successful leader by coaching from an existential perspective | Stace Williams

Episode 261: Interview with Stace Williams


About: Stace Williams
Stace Williams founded InterActive Dynamics, LLC in 1990 to help develop leaders. Gradually, Stace’s skills evolved from consulting and training to facilitation and now coaching. The common thread is a passion for her own growth and for contributing to others. All of Stace’s work comes from word of mouth and through contractual relationships with firms that marked her.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Every leader needs to be a coach because it helps them develop others AND focus on what really matters.
  • Any leader who wants to be an effective coach can…if they simply remember to ask great questions and to listen with an open heart.
  • Leaders can grow their ability to coach by being coached, which also helps them lead by example.

Enjoy the episode

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