#263 Three elements that will help you create your personal mission statement to become a successful entrepreneur | Midori Verity

Episode 263: Interview with Midori Verity


About: Midori Verity
What do you do if you’re someone who stinks at most things, but geeks out on all things business? You become a serial entrepreneur. That’s who Midori Verity is, and running businesses is what she’s done for almost 3 decades. Her most recent company is Fuel to Fire.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • Pt 1 Core values: Creating your Personal Mission Statement to help you design a life and business in alignment with YOU.
  • Pt. 2 Passions and motivators
  • Pt. 3 Zone of Genius: Once you have the 3 elements clear you create your Personal Mission Statement.


Enjoy the episode

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