#266 Corporate Rehab: Detoxing from hustle culture and thriving in the corporate world without losing your identity | Jennie Blumenthal

Episode 266: Interview with Jennie Blumenthal


About: Jennie Blumenthal

Jennie spent 20 years as an executive in Corporate America counseling Fortune 500 companies on growth strategy and digital transformation, and left during the pandemic pivot. She now coaches executive women to do their own Corporate Rehab, and grow in their existing career or in a new opportunity.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • The hustle culture can distract us from our very human needs of security, connection, esteem, & purpose.
  • When we’re caught up in the hustle culture, especially as women executives, it can lead to burn out.
  • You can do your own Corporate Rehab to detox from the hustle culture.

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