#268 Positively transforming your presentation skills as a business leader | Patti Schutte

Episode 268: Interview with Patti Schutte


About: Patti Schutte

Being brilliant in front of any audience has been the passion of Be Brilliant Presentation Group’s founder, CEO, and principal coach, Patti Schutte, since she can remember. If fear of speaking and presenting runs through the veins of the large majority, then call her a minority. If there is a microphone in the room, let Patti grab it and within moments the audience will be engaged, laughing, and learning.

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • How you open your presentation is vital to your success. Why? You have 7 seconds for your audience to decide if they like you and 30 if they’ll keep listening. You better start with a B.A.N.G!! Include a Big promise, an Attention-grabber, simple Navigation, and Grow excitement.
  • Yes, when in front of your audience you begin with your attention-grabber, but when designing it you determine the Big Promise first. We’ll explore why that is, what the Big Promise is and how you create one followed by 3 types of attention-grabbers.
  • The #1 reason presentations fall flat? No structure. Before jumping into your content, create clarity by providing navigation (or a roadmap) your audience is about to take a journey along and grow their excitement about what they will gain as they join you on this journey.


Enjoy the episode

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