Adding a subscribe box to your website with a statement such as “Get our email newsletter” simple isn’t effective any more.  Maybe back in the AOL days, when we were excited to here the “You got mail” voice to see who was sending us an email, but today we’ve got to qualify what we get emailed to us.  How do you get people to read your “email newsletters”?  Let’s go over a few ideas here that will make your readers so excited to receive the gift of your email.

#1 It’s not about you

Consider how much email you get on a daily basis, your email subscribers are getting lots of messages also.  Think how your message will help the needs, wants, don’t wants of your target audience.  What will get read most ultimately will be what will directly benefit them.  I still see a lot of subscribe boxes on websites that say, “subscribe to our newsletter”…most people will decline, unless it’s a brand they really want to follow.  Offer something of value for an agreed communication.

#2 It’s not about your company

This one is a hard pill to swallow.  I know you think they are subscribing to get emails about your company…but not really.  They are agreeing to allow you to communicate with them by email with the hopes that your company will solve a problem they have or it will make their life better.  Keep this in mind.

#3 It’s not about your ego

Keep the message in your emails and blogs “you” focused.  I did a great project 212 interview with a friend Tom Trush and we discussed in his book “The You Effect” how your marketing message may not be effective because it’s all EGO based.  most marketing messages are “Me” focused and it’s highly effective to use words such as, “You, You’re, Your, etc”.  If you want to get some great tips on this area Listen Here.

We covered 3 tips here that will keep your email list happy and make your blog or newsletter much more effective.  Email Marketing is a great way to attract new clients and add value, if you don’t have an email marketing software you’re using I’d recommend Aweber, here is a link for a $1 trial to try it out…by the way, yes this is an affiliate link but if you decide to do the trial and email me the receipt I’ll send you a free training on how to use it to get new clients fast, floods of website traffic, and much more.

Business is all about making someone’s life better and I believe true success is measured by how many other people are better off because you lived.  If you would like help in marketing by adding more value and attracting more clients you can also look into our coaching program, which the free trial is ending soon.


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