Many times how you think about a situation will cause you to respond a certain way that will affect your results.  In order for you to get an ongoing stream of referrals you have to have a combination of the right mindset and a solid skill set.

Today I wanted to share with you three things that are stopping you from getting more referrals and recommendations from people.

The first one is the mistake of only calling and connecting with people when you are trying to sell them something or you ‘need’ something.  People will assume every time you call you are calling for your reasons not their benefit.  You have to turn this around, be a person of value.

What if every time someone saw your name on the caller ID they dropped everything they were doing to take your call?  Why would they do that?  Well, what if the last time you call you had a great referral or recommendation that would help their business.  Strive to add value first, and on a regular basis.

The second thing that may be killing your referrals is simply not asking.  It seems many people think that referrals are supposed to come hunting you down and line up at your door.  Not Likely.  You must treat those that are referred to you with extra care, you don’t know the referred person but the person that gave you the referrals trusted you to treat them in a professional manor.

If you do anything to embarrass the person by being pushy or getting upset they decide not to by you are ensuring you will quickly stop the flow of referrals from that source.  The worst thing you can do is put something public on a facebook wall claiming how the person didn’t return your phone call and how they need to do this or that.  Just to be clear, a referral isn’t someone guarenteed with a stack of cash in hand ready to run to you.

A referral or recommendation to you is simply a person with a possible need or desire for you what you have, if you don’t clearly explain your value to them remember; if you treat that person with disrespect it will not only reflect negatively on you but your referral source.  This is what’s called shooting yourself in the foot…and if is a person with a strong network, shooting yourself in the face.

The third thing that is blocking the flood-gates to your referrals, and I believe it’s the number 1 most important is; Initially meeting someone and putting zero value on the relationship if they don’t have an immediate need for your product/service or business.  Remember that those that aren’t directly your customers can be great referral partners, cross-promotion partners and great friends.

Put value on every relationship and this will save you the frustration from trying to ‘get everyone’ as a customer.  I love the position I’m in where I have more referrals, leads and recommendations to get back to than I have time, and we will cover more about how to get you there too.

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