#304 Stop playing small and start playing bigger | Tanya Wilson

Episode 304: Interview with Tanya Wilson


About: Tanya Wilson
Tanya Wilson is the Owner and CEO of Priority Pumping, a septic and commercial wastewater company based out of Gilbert, AZ. Tanya has been in the septic industry for 14 years. She has successfully started three different septic companies within the Phoenix Metro market and has a deep passion for educating homeowners and real estate agents on the importance of septic system maintenance and the functionality of the systems. Tanya and her Priority team work hard in their community as advocates of the trade and regularly participate in many charitable causes. Tanya believes that the changes in the industry start to happen as we work together to create better rules and regulations for the industry. She is extremely passionate about informational marketing and reputation building and she graciously shares it with other septic companies who want to learn how to do it!

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • I am a huge advocate for women showing up as their authentic selves. Stop saying “just” and playing small. You’re a badass, Act like it!
  • Your calendar is a HUGE indicator of your success – Do you manage your time or does time manage you?
  • Community is everything when it comes to personal and professional growth – If you plan to fly you have to kick out the suckers and start hanging with the supporters…even when it’s tough!


Enjoy the episode

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