#313 Redefine success by your own internal terms | Megan Smiley

Episode 313: Interview with Megan Smiley


About: Megan Smiley

Megan Smiley is the founder of Megan Smiley Coaching and the host of The Lawyer’s Escape Pod. She helps lawyers and other professionals who feel called to something more creative and purposeful ditch the grind and design their own heart-centered businesses. Before taking the leap into entrepreneurship, Megan practiced corporate law and worked for a law school as the Director of International Programs.  

3 big ideas discussed in this episode:

  • It’s important to redefine success by your own, internal terms rather than subscribe to the external, societal definition. It allows you to design a life and career by design rather than by default.
  • We each have unique strengths and talents, and we’re most satisfied when we get to express those a lot in our work.
  • Intuition is as important a source of wisdom as logic, and we’d be well served to rely on it more.


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