Episode 32: Interview with Kim Minert, how to burn fat for fuel

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About Kim Mintert

Kim is a salon owner and hair stylist for 38 years, but eleven years ago she was completely changed and her body stop producing insulin.  This meant she is instantly a type one diabetic and that change everything as far as her lifestyle.

Kim married a type one diabetic also and eventually found a doctor (Doctor Gil) who helped them to transform their lives through the way we eat. It was so impactful in her life that she wanted to get this message out.

3 Big Ideas about burning fat for fuel:

  • Burn Fat for fuel
  • Losing Weight
  • Beating Diabetes

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Show Notes:


  • This is something that everyone wants to do and doesn’t necessary know how.
  • Most of us eat too much sugar, it is epidemic in America the amount of sugar that we put in our body is both processed sugar and natural sugar so our body used that for fuel and for energy.
  • If we eat too much of it stored us fat so our goal is to transform our body into a fat burning machine and it is really as easy as eliminating the sugar and the carbohydrates from our diet allowing our body to transition into fat burning instead of sugar burning.
  • We both burn our fat that’s in our bodies and the fat that we eat.
  • Sugar is as addictive as heroine and when you tried just a little bit of heroine you usually doesn’t work out so well.
  • One of the tips is by adding salt to your diet, one of the reasons you feel terrible is that when you start eating grain and sugar your body will release sodium and so you don’t feel good when your sodium levels are low.
  • It is obvious when we are burning fat the natural result of that is weight loss and we don’t recommend that people do this only for weight loss because people lose weight and then they gain it back again. What we are trying to do is to help people put their bodies into this long lasting burn of energy where they feel great and they really want to change their eating habits for the rest of their lives.


  • Weight-loss is a natural by-product. Insulin resistance is the key to getting diabetes or not getting diabetes.
  • Our body becomes resistant to insulin because of our age, our lifestyle and habits if you are finding yourself gaining weight around your mid-section if the women’s waistline is more than 35 inches she has pretty much guaranteed that she has a situation of insulin resistance.
  • If you are resistant to insulin your body isn’t using it properly the energy isn’t getting to the cells.
  • If you are trying to lose weight and you are still eating carbohydrates, you are overly producing insulin and it’s a losing battle.


  • Let your insulin producing cells rest and the way to rest them is not by eating carbohydrates.
  • Diabetes is a chronic disease which means it doesn’t really go away but the good news about diabetes is that we have a lot of control over it.
  • We can actually manage it, we can eliminate the complications from diabetes, if we can get our blood sugars normal by the way we eat.
  • If you start eating sugar and excess carbohydrates again your diabetes will show back up.


  • The easiest way to transition is to just do it.
  • Let your insulin producing cells rest.
  • We have a lot of control over Diabetes.
  • It is possible, there’s hope.

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Burn fat for fuel