How to self-publish a book on Amazon ( and a trick to write it faster)

How to self-publish a book on Amazon (and a trick to write it faster) #GetPublished

In this video you’ll learn the high level view of how to self-publish on Amazon.

First CREATE: Write the content for your book – if you’d like an outline of how to start and some important tips visit, for a checklist we put together.  In the start of your book you’ll want to consider some important things. Fist being, who is your target reader.  Yes, you’ve probably heard this before related to marketing, it applies the same for your book.  Clearly identify who your target reader is and what you want them to learn from your book.

Next PACKAGE: This is how you package your product (your book) for retail.  Getting your book professional formatted with a great looking book cover.  Consider all the different platforms you’d like to have your book on.  There are many things to consider here and if you have any specific questions let me know.  One of them I’ll share with you here is the call to action.  What is the action or resource you’d like to offer your reader during or after they read your book.  We use this as a way to engage with our readers further.  Your call to action should be displayed differently in your Kindle book (a clickable link) and your print book (a short and simple website link).

Finally RELEASE: This is planning and executing a successful book launch and ongoing promotion.  For a few free resources on book promotion, join our community for authors  Schedule your book release date about 30-60 days from the date you’d like to have your book available for purchase.  You can also release the ebook one week, and a period of time after release your print book.  Sometimes it’s a preference, and sometimes you should consider how you are marketing the book and what your objectives are.

Watch the video for tips on the thinking channels to help make your book writing more effective.

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