Jeremy C. Jones, a proud military veteran, is also a family man and entrepreneur who lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona. His accomplishments include being a four-time #1 Best-Selling Author on Amazon, hosting the popular podcast “Ideas & Impact,” establishing, and founding and serving as CEO at Jones Media Publishing.

Jones Media Publishing empowers authors to write, publish and promote their books, using a unique process he developed.

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What a few of his students and clients have to say…

“Jeremy has an incredible knack for follow-up. He sticks with things to the end, and if he says he is going to do something , rest assured it will be done. Jeremy has a pleasantness about him that allows him to really get to know his client. He is great at what he does, which is showing people how to build successful cash-flowing businesses. – Matthew Coates, real estate consultant”

Matthew Coates, Real estate consultant, West USA Realty Revelation

“Jeremy has a refreshing get-it-done type personality. He is the kind of person you can count on to make things happen. His motivation and professionalism are top notch.”

Robert Patrick, Founder & CEO, PhD Computing, Inc.


“I was thoroughly impressed with Jeremy’s dedication to his business and more importantly, with helping other folks do well as they grew in their own. He was consistent in his willingness to help and was quick to lend his significant expertise in sales and marketing. He made himself available at any time and proved to be an expert in this challenging field – a true and willing mentor that I would be glad to work with any time in the future.”

Dan Eddinger, Department Head, US Navy

“Writing my recommendation for Jeremy Jones is easy. I have come to know him as a deeply dedicated and honest business man, a great father and husband, and one truly great friend. Jeremy has a genuine interest in seeing his friends succeed and works diligently to see it happen (as much as he is able). I highly recommend Jeremy as an outstanding individual that I know you would benefit from knowing.”

Jeremie Lederman, Senior Illustrator, The Arizona Republic


“Jeremy is a great leader, and fun to work with. He is a man of both integrity and sincerity. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Jeremy will benefit from the educational and business system taking individuals from where they are to where they want to go – provided they are willing to work, are teachable, and have integrity. I highly encourage anyone considering working with Jeremy to consider yourself also blessed to have met him.”

Brad Tritle, CIPP, Strategic Initiatives Manager, Government Information Technology Agency, State of AZ


“I have known Jeremy through the Biltmore Networking Group for several years. He is professional, diligent, and pays attention to detail. I have enjoyed getting to know him and believe he is a valuable networking partner. -Shahpar Shahpar, attorney at Tiffany & Bosco law firm.”

Shahpar Shahpar, Attorney/Partner, Tiffany & Bosco, P.A.

“Jeremy has helped me with my new business by giving me a lot of ideas/strategies to reach new clients and better connect with them. His advice is worth listening to.” Nick Bursi, Car Files Marketing

“Jeremy has done an amazing job when it comes to assisting me with my marketing. His expertise and ideas really took my business to another level. If you have the great opportunity to work with him…DO IT! He is worth the investment!
-Ryan Lowe, Speaker, Coach & Author – Founder of Get off Your Attitude Seminars

“Jeremy has been a great adviser and educator along the path to achieving my goals. Friendly, helpful, and unassuming he gently guides clients to their potential by offering rock solid advice and a framework for productive action. His approach is similar to a counselor – encouraging and motivational. Jeremy is also creative and skilled enough to complete critical tasks (or point you in the direction of excellent resources) that help build your business. Even if you never meet face-to-face, you will feel that the person on the other end of the phone has your best interests at heart. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone seeking marketing coaching. His services are unmatched and it’s been a pleasure working with him.”
Tiffany Lardomita,

“Jeremy is a great personal and professional coach. I saw him first hand as he mentored someone who was passionate about getting into business and the insights and information he imparted was some of the highest quality I have ever seen. It’s like getting years of Business School training packed into a few sessions. With Jeremy’s help, it won’t be a question of if you succeed, it will just be a matter of when.” – Brian Culhane, EXP Realty

“After my one on one coaching session with Jeremy I feel as if I now have a better understanding of what I’ve been attempting to do to get new clients, and why it wasn’t working before.  Most importantly I believe I know have the fundamental tools to take the first real step to achieving my new goal of 1 new client a week.  Even better is what I liked most about Jeremy’s coaching session was the teamwork based approach of talking it over and he helped me discover these tools from knowledge I already had within.”
Brandon Tigrett, Brandon Tigrett Photography

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