“Within a few minutes of a coaching session with Jeremy Jones, I rediscovered hope. I consulted with him about a situation that was spiraling out of control and through his guidance I was able to figure out a usable action plan. I’m now implementing that plan and I’m excited to reclaim some freedom!”

Kimanzi Constable   Author, International Speaker, Consultant[/box]

“Jeremy has been a great adviser and educator along the path to achieving my goals. Friendly, helpful, and unassuming he gently guides clients to their potential by offering rock solid advice and a framework for productive action. His approach is similar to a counselor – encouraging and motivational. Jeremy is also creative and skilled enough to complete critical tasks (or point you in the direction of excellent resources) that help build your business. Even if you never meet face-to-face, you will feel that the person on the other end of the phone has your best interests at heart. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone seeking marketing coaching. His services are unmatched and it’s been a pleasure working with him.”

Tiffany Lardomita, founder at Inner View Studio

“Within a few minutes of my first coaching session with Jeremy I already began to see the value that he provides. 30 minutes into the coaching session and I felt noticeably more confident in my ability to network with prospective clients, relate to people on a more meaningful level, and was optimistic about the growth of my personal business. I decided on what I needed his help on, and he facilitated a discussion in which I arrived at the majority of my own solutions; I found this process to be much more fulfilling compared to someone telling me what to do. Needless to say he was willing to offer advice and recommendations on what to do at times during the coaching session. The style of coaching he uses has applications to the improvement of a variety of different skills. I am confident in recommending Jeremy to a majority of people looking to improve upon the skills necessary to run a successful business.”

Zachary Mason

Zack Mason, Regional Vice President at Collegiate Financial Services

“I recommend Jeremy for any professional looking to better themselves in any way and/or any professional that needs to fine tune any part of their business.  He is a diligent detailed problem solver with great intuitive teachings.  I was dealing with a longer sells cycle then I preferred.  Jeremy really dove deep into what I do in my business as a whole and in the particular areas I felt I needed improved.  His targeted focused approach to helping solve my problem was very informative and interesting throughout the process.  He really pushed me to think about many details I had previously overlooked.  That being said, Jeremy was very clear and concise when tackling my concerns.  Overall, the experience was very positive, efficient, and professional.  Jeremy will not waste your time and will make any professional better in any aspect of today’s market.  Thanks Jeremy!”

Aaron Carrillo

Aaron Carillo,Logistics Executive at Unishippers

“I gratefully have been coached by Jeremy C. Jones. His very simple process helped me to stay balanced in mind and business. Thanks to Jeremy, I was able to tap into my own forgotten talents and utilize them once again. He also helped me hold myself accountable along with give myself credit when credit was due. My productivity has increased and my business has picked up since our sessions began. In my experience of Jeremy, he creates a safe space where I allow myself to make conclusions and decisions with confidence, fearless of judgement. He also helped me to balance time working and time to spend time with my daughter with ease. Jeremy demonstrates integrity and honesty, is a trusted coach, adviser, and friend.”

Jeanine Baliton

Jeanine Baliton, founder at Utopia Marketing

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