Connecting With People And Developing Immediate Rapport

We have all had the experience of meeting someone and finding really no common interests or points of connection, then there is the other person we meet that it seems like you have many things in common. How do you cultivate more conversations where you have more common interests? You create it…Here’s How.

Everyone talks, very few people connect. If you are of the mindset that you should be connecting with people more than just on a surface level then you are far beyond where most people are. Most people want to talk about the one topic most important to them; themselves.

If those conversations are always easier because we have common connection points, what if we could come in contact with more people we have common points with right off to add to our network?

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What if you had new people you were talking to that could be a part of your business, company or customer base that shared common interests with you right off the bat instead of you having to really dig to find common points when you’re building rapport, which is always the starting point to any relationship business or personal.

Let’s say you went to a conference with Seth Godin, who is a marketing expert and you really like his mindset on putting value first, permission based marketing and all the other great topics he teaches small business owners.

Wouldn’t it make sense that you could have a great conversation with someone else about “Seth Godin”? You have a common trainer that you both enjoy, there would be all kinds of things to talk about right? So how do you find people up front that also are talking about Seth Godin, or anyone else for this matter, just using this as an example because I am a big Seth Godin Fan 🙂

Here are 3 simple steps:
1. Go to Google Alerts
2. Set up an alert for “Blogs” for the key term “Seth Godin”
3. When you get an email, this is someone mentioning Seth in their blog

Google alerts is an amazing tool.  Every time a blog is indexed via Google and it contains your search term you will get an email.  If you get too many emails make the term more specific, if you don’t get enough try searching something a little different.

If you attend any kind of event and you want to connect with others who attend in other cities or locations and let’s say the event is called “Marketing Summit”, you can set up a Google Alert for that term and any time someone blogs about it you get an alert.

It’s that simple, now you have an immediate connection with this person when you start a conversation. How do you do that? Stop by their blog post, leave a comment about how you recently saw Seth Speak, you really like their article and will share it out and ask a question. Then subscribe to this persons blog via RSS and email. If they have an opt in and you submit your email you will get a confirmation email…just reply, hey just subscribed, really enjoyed your blog, what have you learned from Seth that has helped your business?

Now you have a basic process how YOU can connect and developed immediate rapport.

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