Usually we have goals in our life that has something to do with changing something in a positive direction, right?


Have you ever been frustrated in trying to make big changes in your life year after year, only to find yourself slipping backward?  I’d like to offer you some tips on reaching goals today.


You may have some new things you want to accomplish next year, you can wait until January however, I’ve found it important to get clear on what you want before the start of the new year, this may help you in making radical changes in your life.


Positive change is always good, but change can be uncomfortable.  This is why something or someone can get us excited and changing, wanting to change but after a few days of discomfort in making changes we go back to our usual routine.


Sometimes we turn our focus from the positive change to just focused on the uncomfortable change.  This leads to frustration, because we lose the vision of what we really want.


The next best thing would be to focus on the positive result we want ever day to remind us why we are changing…but there is an even better way.


What if you had a formula to help keep you on track to positive changes and feel great about it along the way?  It will still be difficult at times, but even small steps in the right direction is better than sprinting down the wrong path.

I have learned that we will stay committed to virtues that are important to us than committed to the positive change alone.


Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. -C. S. Lewis –click to tweet quote


Next time you set a goal, and break it down into the daily tasks to make the changes you need or the progress it takes to reach your #1 result take a virtue such as…


Commitment, Honor, Discipline, Self-Control, Courage


If you choose Honor as a virtue to keep you on track, every day look at the tasks you need to complete this week and tell yourself you will “Honor” the commitment and do what you need to do.


This is especially helpful on the days where you don’t feel like doing what needs to get done.


CS Lewis is right, courage is the form of every virtue at the testing point because I’ve heard that courage is not the absence of fear, but feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  Big results in your life require big changes, sometimes those changes make us face fear, doubt, challenges and roadblocks….it’s courage to take small steps every day that keeps us on track.


Set a goal, break it down into manageable daily tasks, attach a virtue as to why you want to complete the tasks to get the #1 result and look at it daily.


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