We all fall into this trap.  “I just need to get my message out to a wider audience”, on the first page of Google, Seen by more people, etc.

What if you didn’t need as wide of a reach as you think, yet get your message out more effectively?

This is a lesson I’ve learned, not a new idea, yet it’s been solidified and I’m understanding it on a much deeper level.

I just got back from Joe Polish’s Genius Network Annual Event, which was for his 25k Group and the one time a year he opens up his group to outside guests.  As you may know I work with Joe on several projects, it’s it’s been a blessing to work with him and so many other amazing people.

2014-08-15 Genius Network 03617-L

This is a photo of Joe Polish’s Genius Network.  Arianna is someone I found very interesting and impressed with what she has been about to build with Huffington Post, but after spending 2 days with her, attending a private training and lunch with her and many others like Peter Diamandis, Brendon Burchard, Darren Hardy, Dean Graziosi and several others I’ve grown a lot of respect for her and her business.

One thing that was discusses by a presenter is building trust and reaching a wider audience.

They said that it’s more effective to reach 1000 people with four contacts/connections/touches than to reach 4000 people once.

Trust is build by several actions, several connections that build more rapport.

Consider this when trying to reach a larger audience, that many times you haven’t made enough touches with an audience you already have.

Hope this helps, leave a comment below on how you can apply this principal to what YOU are working on and if you have any questions.


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