Dr. Will Moreland and The Copycat Millionaire, The 21 Laws To Becoming A Millionaire

Posted by: Jeremy Jones

April 8, 2015

Episode 12


Dr. Will Moreland

Jeremy C. Jones interviews Dr. Will Moreland and they discuss his book, “Copycat Millionaire; The 21 Laws To Becoming A Millionaire.”

About Dr. Will Moreland:

Dr. Will is a highly sought after Business and Transformational Leadership Trainer, known as America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer. As the Founder and CEO of Will Moreland International, LLC, Dr. Will is one of the most provocative thought-leaders and leadership trainers of our time.

A noted speaker, bestselling author and business coach, he inspires individuals to live their Genius Potential, embrace passion and achieve personal greatness through life harmony.
A passionate teacher and master communicator, his messages capture the individual’s internal fire to drive achievement, productivity and remarkable bottom line results.

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Show Notes:

  • Dr. Will Moreland shares his passion and message for “LIVE GENIUS”acronym for “Live In Victory Everyday While Getting Engaged In Unique Significance.”
  • He discusses a couple of this 21 Laws to becoming a millionaire.
  • Victory – The choice and determination of the persons mindset to win at the end of the day. Because everyone goes through the same obstacle, but the winners make the choice to keep going.
  • Serve – Adding mass value to the market place. For Example: Bill Gates “Wanted a computer in everyones home.” How are you adding massive value?
  • Strategic Partnerships – What is your B.A.G. (Big Audacious Goal)? When you are setting out to create your wealth, you find that its beyond yourself. That it takes an army to win the war. And a vital role to becoming successful, is to reach out for help, guidance, and leadership.
  • Success System – Successful people follow a system. Everything you want to do you should put on a system.
  • Leveraging Your Strengths – What Dr. Moreland calls your, “Finding your red apple.” Your uniqueness. The one thing that you can do, and delegate the parts you can’t do. Focus your energy on your unique ability.
  • Dr. Moreland hopes everyone who reads his book finds their money story. By helping them 1)Identify their money story, 2) Reprogram their money story, and 3) Live out their money story.
  • His favorite word is “Action.” Because everything is about taking action. Taking steps to action.
  • Dr. Moreland favorite quote is about time. Everyone has equal amount of time, but the game changer is what you choose to do with that time.

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